Everyday life

15th June 10
Cats' sisterly affection
2nd August 10
Roo keeps cool - or tries to
4th August 10
Cool Kanga as well
Summer holidays 10 Dartmoor and Kensington Gardens
28th September 10 New pictures of our cats by Kazuki Yamagishi
13th October 10 Roo's chair or mine?
9th January 11 A present under the Christmas tree?
28th January 11 Totally relaxed Roo
21st February 11 A couple of cats by the dawn's early light
24th May 11 Kanga and Roo - a time to relax
13th, 14th July 11 Mount Ikoma and a rainbow from our balcony
9th August 11
and the 11th too!
Swallows nesting in our front porch
14th August 11 Swallows nearly ready to fly the nest?
14th August 11
An adult (swallow's) backside
28th August 11  
Young, but fully grown
19th September 11 It doesn't seem that there'll be any more swallow
photos. The adults disappeared some time
ago, and so did one of the chicks.
The remaining two chicks stayed for a while,
but they seem to have left now too.
Yet in the early evening I still see
three swallows catching insects as the light fades,
so maybe they are still in the neighbourhood.
Anyway, here are some pictures of

our two cats at eighty
12th October 11 An afternoon in the boudoir
1st June 12 R.I.P. Kanga 1996 - 2012
Roo still thriving
18th August 12 A rainless rainbow?
Roo at sixteen
24th August 12 Roo poses for the camera at last!
28th August 12 No accounting for (Roo's) taste!
19th December 12 Early morning on a beautiful winter's day
Roo's electric blanket
4th January 13 Minoo Waterfall after rain
Roo under the sofa
1st March 13 Roo the intellectual cat?
3rd November 13 New feline friends
15th November 13 Peter finally emerges!
13th December 13 Peter gets bolder
Tinkerbell relaxes
5th February 14 Latest from Tinkerbell and Peter
17th September 14 Peter now relaxed
as well as bold!
19th November 14 Tinkerbell tries out
my new computer