Peter gets bolder, and Tinkerbell relaxes

           Peter is getting a lot bolder, and doesn't rush away when we approach any more. In fact, he even approaches us! His more confident face can be seen in the photos below. He is sitting on my wife's desk chair, on the same shawl that Tinkerbell was occupying the other day, in fact.

           He is getting more affectionate too. The other day he caught my wrist in his paws and nibbled my hand, in the way that kittens grasp and nibble each other when at play. Perhaps now he is living in a house with just one cat companion and a few humans he is feeling more affection than he has since he was with his brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile Tinkerbell remains just as affectionate but she's also more relaxed.

In the past she would sometimes lose her temper for no apparent reason and suddenly
bite or scratch - fortunately she doesn't seem to feel like that so often any more!

That's not an IV drip, by the way - it's just the mains connection for her electric blanket!
A life of luxury for our pets!