An afternoon in the boudoir

12th October 11

Some photos from yesterday afternoon, courtesy of my wife Michiyo. I'm not sure what those little rooms for cats should properly be called: we call them "boudoirs". After all, those are ladies' private rooms, Kanga and Roo are female, if not ladies, and they go to those places on top of the kitchen fridge when they want some time to themselves. We make a point of not disturbing them up there unless it's really necessary. These days we generally have to give them a hand to get there - jumping down is no problem, but jumping up can be too much at their age!
It looks as if Kanga, on the right there,
has just sneezed or is about to!
Now Roo in the foreground. Is Kanga pulling
a face because she's displeased about that,
or is she still having trouble
with her nose?
Anyway, now they're settling down
for a snooze.