Sisterly affection

15th June 10

         Roo, on the right, quite often licks her sister Kanga, but this is the first time I've managed to get photos of the event. Licking seems to be her general sign of affection - she often licks me too, but just on the hands. I think somehow she would feel it disrespectful to lick my face. As it is, when she is in a loving mood, I have to visit the bathroom rather often to wash my hands!

Roo was originally lying
on my desk,
and then Kanga
jumped up
to join her.

The licking started
soon after.
Kanga rarely licks -
she shows her
abundant affection
by rubbing her cheeks
against you
in the regular
cat fashion.
Kanga is certainly
enjoying the attention!
Not such a good
photo, I suppose,
but the action
of the lick
is clear.

         I was hoping for more photos than those four, but as generally happens, the affection ended very suddenly and inexplicably, to me at least. Roo suddenly stopped her licking, hissed at Kanga and leapt off the desk. Kanga herself seemed content enough, and settled down to sleep while Roo chose a chair in another room for her nap. The cat world has its mysteries!