In 2005, we were sitting in our car in a carpark near Meldon Reservoir on the north west edge of Dartmoor, when we came into close contact with a fox. There was a robin in a bush near the car, so we put out a few bits of biscuit in the hope of attracting the pretty bird to come into full view and eat them. A fox suddenly appeared out of the hedge bordering a nearby field, and scoffed the bits of biscuit. (Cats follow a strict Atkins diet, but members of the canine family seem keen on carbohydrates too!)

I had to get out of the car to retrieve our camera from the boot, and expected the fox to run off as soon as he saw me clearly, but he didn't. He kept a very wary eye on me, but certainly wasn't going to leave any biscuit uneaten.

Eventually he ran off clutching a whole biscuit in his mouth, saving it for later, no doubt.