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         I retired in March 2010 as a teacher of English at the Research Institute for World Languages of Osaka University. For a few years after that I taught a weekly class on the Welsh language, although I am not a native speaker. My academic background is mostly in linguistics, especially formal (mathematical) linguistics and logic. Rather disillusioned with mainstream syntactic theory (if there is such a thing any more), I have been trying to formulate some ideas based on the notion of analogy, a straightforward but rather neglected concept, until Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel Sander published their "Surfaces and Essences" (Basic Books 2013). Actually the book is largely a collection of anecdotes, and readers have to work out the theory for themselves. Still, the effort of doing that inspired me to change the topic of my weekly class to language and analogy, using Welsh now as a particularly interesting example among various other languages.

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My interests mostly involve mathematics, logic and living creatures (including humans). Writings on them can now be found in Interests

And I've at last added something new, "Quantity or price?" to that list (06.05.17).

This and that, now and then

Mostly everyday photos and comments, mostly about our cats and local environment.
This file was getting much too large, so I've transferred most of it to Everyday odds and ends

7th May 15 Peter finds a comfortable place
4th May 16 Tinkerbell and Peter on top of the fridge
Winter waterfall
A February morning
2nd December 16 Peter at the window
Tinkerbell at the beer

Thursday Morning Group

Just one page ready to download this week. But since we haven't started any page of the new series yet, it's impossible to predict how fast we will go! So see you on Thursday 27th!

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